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The Ultimate Guide To Killing Bed Bugs with Steam Cleaners

Every day, thousands of people and millions of items spend countless hours thinking about bed bug extermination. Bed bugs are a notoriously difficult insect to eliminate. Not only have they become strong resistant to pesticides, but they have also become resistant to new technologies.

Bed bug carpet cleaner is a new form of technology designed specifically to eliminate bed bugs from a room. It isn’t a miracle cure, but it will certainly be an effective tool for eliminating bed bug infestations.

We’re here to tell you everything about a bed bug steamer.

Problems Caused by Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are growing at a rapid pace. Their population is assigned of concern for the people of states. They not just bite and suck out blood, but they’re almost impossible to eliminate. The limited issue is now a massive problem for businesses and homeowners. As Well as using best portable steam cleaner for residential and commercial.

They can cause several problems. After a bite, the skin irritates for a long period and it can turn into a rash. It’s widely believed that only ticks can cause Lyme disease. However, the truth is that every blood-feeding insect can be a carrier of this disease.

A bite can also result in infections like Bartonella, babesia, and ehrlichiosis. It can turn the ambiance into an unhygienic spot.


Although it’s not easy to eradicate bed bugs, residential steam cleaning are one of the effective methods that can give prominent results. The toxic pesticides have no impact on these insects and it only pollutes the environment.

The normal streamers have no impact on the pests and thus are useless. A professional service is a much better option. They can easily do pest control and you don’t have to worry about any mishap.

You can also buy special steamers to do it yourself. The temperature range to kill bugs is between 140 F to 130 F.

While residential steam cleaning, the steamer should be close to the surface. The steam should reach all the areas. The steam should be of high temperature to kill the pests.

You can use these steamers on every other object like furniture, cardboards, etc. However, you can’t steam the electrical appliances.

Perfect Steamer

If you’re looking to get a steamer for your household then it should have the following plus points. The steamer should be big enough to generate powerful steam. Get yourself a steamer that’s made for killing pests or bed bugs.

It should have the following points:

  • Produces dry steam

  • The heat should never cross 200 F

  • It should have good storage for the water

You Can Hire a Professional

Although steaming looks like an easy job, it does have a few downsides. A professional bed bug steamer will help you eliminate the insects in no time. They have expertise in this field.

They offer completely safe solutions. Hiring a professional for this job is the best option.

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